Royal Ascot Hat Hire 2016

It’s hard to believe that Royal Ascot is coming around again – and at great speed ! We have been seeing clients arrive with their beautiful outfits looking for Royal Ascot Hat Hire, and have been finding them some fabulous headwear to compliment.

I have also seen an increasing number of ladies who come into the studio and who choose the hat first, always a great option – as that way you get the hat of your choice rather than being dictated to by an outfit’s colour.

Remember that at Royal Ascot people are really looking at the hat, and if you go for a really wow headwear – you can go for just the simplest of dresses.

In the autumn when I am choosing the Ascot hats for the studio – I am always in awe of the wonderful creations and the innovative designs from the Milliners that I have at the studio – and in twenty years I am always amazed by their fresh ideas season after season.

There is something rather wonderful in choosing a hat in rather an unusual colour on a cold day in November and then a client arriving in April, with the perfect outfit its like fitting the pieces of a jigsaw together.
I always look at my clients and can visualize the whole Ascot look – its something that I never tire of.

I have even lent some of my own accessories to make the client look perfect and over twenty years many have made it into Hello Magazine, Paris Match, The Evening Standard, and most of the Daily papers and of course being picked out by the fashion pundits at Royal Ascot – and of course they are picked for all the right reasons !

Image by Nicolas de Camaret