Headwear and Hats for Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom

Weddings are wonderful occasions and as well as being exciting – they can also be daunting for those worried about what to wear and getting it wrong. 

The headwear is normally the finishing touch to your outfit it can also be the making or undoing of it, should you get it wrong !

Simple things to remember like not choosing a hat that covers your face, or eyes, I always think of the wedding photographs, and that you need to be clearly seen, and not hiding behind a hat that has been pulled down over the eyes.

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when choosing a hat to go with your outfit, and with 20 years experience in putting the finishing touches to Mother of the Bride or Groom outfits by finding that perfect hat – I think we have it.

Hat Fashion Trends 2018

2018 and the current fashion continues for pillboxes, headwear on bands and disc hats. I am also a lover of traditional hats and its interesting to see that several designers are now incorporating headbands into hats as a fitting – which is a godsend to clients who struggle to find a traditional hat to fit them. 

This season we are seeing designers introducing some fabulous hat styles and shapes with the Audrey Hepburn look and 1950’s styles, and a Spanish influence with the use of lace and feathers.

Flowers and petals have appeared on quite a few of the collections with the emphasis being on sheer elegance and simplicity of style.

I have seen Hat Fashions 2018 in the hat world but red and pink, and orange together with white, and Black all seem very popular – which has been echoed by the outfits coming into the studio – I have noticed that nude which has been at the forefront for the past few seasons has taken a back seat – but then its nice to have the option of something nude if you want a soft kind colour which goes with most outfits.

As for Royal Ascot well as normal anything goes and I am sure we are going to see yet more wonderful creations at this showcase event for British Millinery.

I always think elegance is key to any hat wearing event and as is the case with the races (especially Royal Ascot) a little bit of Wow factor thrown in for good measure. And in 2018 On Your Head Be It clients will be providing a lot of WOW in its Royal Ascot Hats

Royal Ascot Hat Hire 2018

It’s that time of year again with Royal Ascot 2018 just around the corner that On Your Head Be It, starts one of its busiest times of the year. We have been seeing clients arrive with their beautiful outfits looking for Royal Ascot Hat Hire, and have been finding them some fabulous headwear to compliment. I always find it really satisfying when that client walks into the studio and you instantly know, that a hat chosen with one of the designers for our studio on a chilly October day, has found its rightful wearer.

I have also seen an increasing number of ladies who come into the studio and who choose the hat first, always a great option – as that way you get the hat of your choice rather than being dictated to by an outfit’s colour.

Remember that at Royal Ascot people are really looking at the hat, and if you go for a really wow headwear – you can go for just the simplest of dresses.

I am always in total awe of the wonderful creations and the innovative designs from the Milliners that I have at the studio – and in twenty two years I am always amazed by their fresh ideas season after season.
I always look at my clients and can visualize the whole Ascot look – its something that I never tire of.

I have even lent some of my own accessories to make the client look perfect and over twenty two years many have made it into Hello Magazine, Paris Match, The Evening Standard, and most of the Daily papers and of course being picked out by the fashion pundits at Royal Ascot – and of course they are picked for all the right reasons !

Image by Nicolas de Camaret

Ascot Hat Hire, Ascot Hats to Buy and Made to Order

On Your Head Be It are the Royal Ascot Hat Hire experts, and we work hard to ensure that you look your best.

Royal Ascot is the most fantastic spectacle for those of you who love horse racing and fashion, and an event where your hat should be the crowning glory!

On Your Head Be It has been styling ladies headwear for Royal Ascot for over 17 years, and ladies come from far and wide knowing that their hats will be noticed for all the right reasons.

Clients come to the studio wanting to look special and Michelle works hard to make sure that each of her clients looks fabulous, and this is born out by the number of ladies from On Your Head Be It who have been photographed and interviewed by the media and press for their head turning millinery at both Royal Ascot and the Grand National.

Working with such names as Rachel Trevor Morgan, Philip Treacy, and Dawn Guibert its easy to see why On Your Head Be It’s creations get noticed at Royal Ascot, but for Michelle its all about elegance and style, and putting the whole look together, and making the client feel confident.

Ladies from the world of horse racing, to girls on a works outing, they won’t leave the studio until we have found the perfect look for them, which is why so many come back year after year.  We make hats to order, sell hats, and have a hire section so there is a chance for everyone to look special.

Royal Ascot 2016 takes place on 14th-16th June and like last year dress standards and hat standards are being observed, for those of you in The Royal Enclosure you must ensure that the crown of your head is covered, but we know all of the rules and regulations so we will advise you as to what’s acceptable or not. So with June not that far away, and the studio full of all this seasons collections we are ready for what looks like being a great Royal Ascot 2016.

Image Credit: marcberryphotos under Creative Commons Licensing

Grayson Perry – Where Are You?

Grayson Perry - Where Are You?
Grayson Perry – Where Are You?

On Your Head Be It spent Bank Holiday Sunday with Seneca Productions (Channel 4) and Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry.

Both Grayson and Seneca recently won the BAFTA for their last series of three documentaries called In “The Best Possible Taste” in which Grayson looked at the British Class system today, and turned it into a series of amazing tapestries.

Grayson is currently working on a new series for 2014 in which On Your Head Be It helped Grayson and Channel 4 with some head-turning millinery.

There were lots of people involved and all our models had a great day.

The result will be shown at Grayson’s next exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in January and in Seneca’s next series called Grayson Perry – Who are You?

Trends in Hat Fashions: 2015

There is nothing like a good hat – they are just so elegant and it never ceases to amaze me just what wonderful creations the designers come up with each year.

Often clients come to the On Your Head Be It studio for the first time saying hats don’t suit them, and it always makes me happy to prove them wrong – there is a hat for everybody and they just haven’t found the right one yet. A challenge I relish.

Fascinators are still worn, but have taken a back seat to the disc hat, which have become increasingly popular. Discs have the added advantage of giving that extra bit of height for those who need it, and are a good move for those not wanting a full hat – but something more than a fascinator.

Then there is the headpiece which tend to be based on a pillbox style easily worn with fine elastic that goes under the hair, many of these can be kept in the hair all day.

So there is lots of different things to choose from and at On Your Head Be It we will always endeavour to find the perfect hat for you.

Hats in the UK

As regards hats in the UK, we are very lucky here in the United Kingdom because when it comes to hats – we are still the world leaders.

Our hat wearing has always, and continues to be the envy around the world, and with our Royal Family leading the way hats and headpieces are once more at the forefront of British Fashion.

Most weeks we have clients bringing into the studio family members who live abroad and who come in last minute to find a hat, sometimes they email us a picture of their outfit before hand, but none have ever left hatless.

One day I remember a big Italian wedding where they came straight from the airport all 25 ladies !! I will never forget as they drove off wearing their hats, as there was no room for hatboxes !! and of course everyone wants to look like the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge.

Of course like most industries there are countries who try to copy our hat making here in the UK, but somehow they just don’t get it right, and you end up with road kill on a comb !

All of our British Milliners are passionate about their craft, and that passion show in what they create, and I too share their passion and love of hats and headwear and I am sure we will all the lead the way in what has become a major hat revival for many years to come.

Mother of the Bride Hats

I have been working with Mother of The Bride Hats, and of course Mother of the Groom Hats for over 17 years. Its always a rather stressful time for mothers, because they so want to get it right on their daughter’s or son’s big day.

At On Your head Be It our main aim is to make you feel confident about your hat, so time is spent looking at your outfit, and helping you choose a hat or headpiece that makes you look and feel good.

If you have your outfit do bring it in with you, or even a swatch of fabric would be helpful, there are many things to take into account when choosing a hat, and we are experts at looking at colour options.

And remember we are not trying to sell you a Mother of The Bride outfit with a matching hat – we are trying to find a hat that suits you the individual, and working with lots of different milliners we have a large range to choose from.

You may want to keep your hat as a momento of the big day and you can buy, or even have a hat made to order, or if you are unlikely to wear your hat again we have a hire section, where you can still look fabulous, but don’t have another hat sitting on top of the wardrobe.

We love it when our clients come back and show us their wedding photographs, as they are our adverts every weekend, and remember Its very important to get it right because you will be on those photographs for years to come, so you need to be seen, and kissable !