Hat Fashion Trends 2018

2018 and the current fashion continues for pillboxes, headwear on bands and disc hats. I am also a lover of traditional hats and its interesting to see that several designers are now incorporating headbands into hats as a fitting – which is a godsend to clients who struggle to find a traditional hat to fit them. 

This season we are seeing designers introducing some fabulous hat styles and shapes with the Audrey Hepburn look and 1950’s styles, and a Spanish influence with the use of lace and feathers.

Flowers and petals have appeared on quite a few of the collections with the emphasis being on sheer elegance and simplicity of style.

I have seen Hat Fashions 2018 in the hat world but red and pink, and orange together with white, and Black all seem very popular – which has been echoed by the outfits coming into the studio – I have noticed that nude which has been at the forefront for the past few seasons has taken a back seat – but then its nice to have the option of something nude if you want a soft kind colour which goes with most outfits.

As for Royal Ascot well as normal anything goes and I am sure we are going to see yet more wonderful creations at this showcase event for British Millinery.

I always think elegance is key to any hat wearing event and as is the case with the races (especially Royal Ascot) a little bit of Wow factor thrown in for good measure. And in 2018 On Your Head Be It clients will be providing a lot of WOW in its Royal Ascot Hats

Hats in the UK

As regards hats in the UK, we are very lucky here in the United Kingdom because when it comes to hats – we are still the world leaders.

Our hat wearing has always, and continues to be the envy around the world, and with our Royal Family leading the way hats and headpieces are once more at the forefront of British Fashion.

Most weeks we have clients bringing into the studio family members who live abroad and who come in last minute to find a hat, sometimes they email us a picture of their outfit before hand, but none have ever left hatless.

One day I remember a big Italian wedding where they came straight from the airport all 25 ladies !! I will never forget as they drove off wearing their hats, as there was no room for hatboxes !! and of course everyone wants to look like the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge.

Of course like most industries there are countries who try to copy our hat making here in the UK, but somehow they just don’t get it right, and you end up with road kill on a comb !

All of our British Milliners are passionate about their craft, and that passion show in what they create, and I too share their passion and love of hats and headwear and I am sure we will all the lead the way in what has become a major hat revival for many years to come.